Heading North, The UP Ayala Technohub

Primarily because the company I work for is situated at the UP Ayala Technohub, I get a daily dose of what its like to be in this part of the city - well i'd like to take that as a good thing.

Right across the UP Diliman Campus and a few meters away from the Quezon City Memorial Circle, stands a business and lifestyle hub developed by no less than the AyalaLand, and what would you expect from this high-end builder is a place just right for the modern taste.

Belted with restaurants, banks and shops, UPA is a very strategic place to hail the huge companies such as IBM, NetworkLabs, Manulife, HSBC, Convergys and a lot more. Get here on a Friday night, the place sizzles with entertainment and get filled with groups of friends or families who wants to enjoy a calm cozy night having fun. 

With a man-made river and and lake that serves as a habitat for medium sized- to large Coy Fish, and hill-like landscapes with exhilarating floras and faunas just appropriate for the city, Technohub is like a mini Vivo City in Metro Manila.

If you are near the vicinity, go ahead and try dining at this another Ayala creation. Unlike the usual party hub, the UPA preserves this vibrant, safe and child-friendly atmosphere with lush greenery that carpets a lot of areas to help you feel at ease and relaxed.  

What's New in Technohub: Mezza Norte Food Bazaar by Mercato ever Thursdays to Saturdays. Read post HERE.

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