Healthy Happy Moonleaf

Hip environment, happy treats and healthy drinks, Moonleaf Maginhawa, along with all other branches of Moonleaf have surely captured the hearts of everyone who loves conversation over the then-famous coffee to the new-favorite milk tea.

Enough about the notion of the Tea Session over dolls. This is something for the  kids, teens, yuppies and even the folks to enjoy and a place to hibernate. Extract that creative juice in you, catch up with some old buddies or just spend the time goofing around. The place sets the mood just right for anything you are up to.

Wintermelon Milk Tea, Lychee Yakult, Tiramisu, there's a wide variety of freshly blended healthy drinks to choose from and along with Pearls, Nata, Pudding - its all on your choice.

Nope, Moonleaf will not let you leave you passion for coffee, but its a good thing that there are options like this, as cozy as the high-end coffee shops that lets you enjoy a moment, without having to deprive you from sleep thereafter. If you know what I mean ;)

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