Universal Happiness

Universal Studios Singapore. What better words to describe it but the place where I can live for the rest of my life. Seated at the heard of Sentosa Island in Singapore, USS has got to be every kid and kid at heart's playground.

At 66 SGD on a weekend, you get to meet and greet your favorite Universal Studios character. Hollywood to Jurassic Park, The Kingdom of Far Far Away, The Mummy in Egypt, the cinema has just came to life.

Prepare your stomach! Your intestines will surely jumble up, and this is no place for the weak. The rides are just epic, you cannot miss a single one. Be there in a group of friends or maybe with a couple of people you meet along with, it helps ease the eagerness to wait in queue for the rides. But the wait is definitely worth it, the next thing you know, you are falling in line again for the same ride. ;)

Live happily ever after, watch movies at the Kingdom of Far Far Away in a 4D cinema, yep, 4D. Shop in a huge variety of stores inside. The perfect gifts are here to be found. What did I tell you, isn't this just the perfect place to be?

When night falls and you've had enough of Universal (which I bet you won't). Step outside the gates, then tadah!  Resorts World Sentosa greets you with an exciting ambiance, this should be 'The life at its finest!'. Chained with five star hotels, casinos, restaurants and what not, you will never want to leave. 

Sentosa Island offers free MRT rides within the island and going back to the mainland. So don't miss the chance to hit the bikini bar, try the ludge and ziplines and... sighs I couldn't contain the excitement while writing this that I myself gets jumping on my chair thinking about Sentosa. The fun-list is just endless. 

Singapore's truly an eye candy. I am at lost for words for the city and I bet no one could ever make the best description to narrate how awesome it is, so I leave it  all up to you. Go and pack your bags and don't settle for anyone of us trying tell you what it's all about. See it for yourself and experience universal happiness. And I say universal happiness because it remains universally true and applicable to everyone who steps foot here. :)

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