Your Taiwan Visa Guide (Republic of China)

Right as soon as I've booked flights for Taipei in time for the season craze in December, feeling frenzied as I thought I have been one of those cheerios to scruff off the very fast-filled seats for Cebu Pacific's promo fares, I suddenly realized that I am not in cloud 9 yet. Yes, Taiwan, although sits just on top of the Philippines like a crown and people "can" even hear the chicken morning clucking across the sea, actually requires a Tourist Visa. Well thanks to my exaggerated hype, I totally didn't thought about this.

So there I was, scouting the list for the tourist visa information at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) website. And it was a jaw-dropping nine-item list to comply with, with P2,400.00 visa application fee topping it on the tenth requirement...

Needless to say, of course I have to comply with everything. So lets start the race;
  1. A duly filled up visa application form and indicating N/A if not applicable. Downloadable at the website, just print it, fill it up and attach a passport sized photo.
  2. Two (2) passport size photos 1.5”x2” with white background. With the other one being pasted on the form.
  3. Passport valid for at least six months and old passport showing previous travels. Previous travels and visas on your passport helps increase your credibility as a traveler, but being a first timer doesn't really mean denial of visa.
  4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO. They get to return it eventually after claiming your passport.
  5. Marriage Contract issued by NSO. Of course if applicable. ;)
  6. Supporting documents related to the purpose of VISIT such a:
    • Confirmed round trip Air ticket or Booking Certificate
    • Hotel Confirmation / Booking
      7. Certificate of Employment and Letter of permission to leave from the employer 
      8. Financial statements of the applicant such as:
    • Income Tax Return  
    • Bank Book or Bank Statements
      9.  Other Documents to increase your stand of coming back to your origin.

I didn't really had a copy of my Income tax return. Only had my bank statement for transactions in the past two months and didn't really had that much in it but they approved my visa anyway. Chances are if you are a student, then I think you get to have an easier list to finish, school records/ enrollment forms, school id's could be a part of it.

Processing time takes three working days, get it done within one day and pay about P1,200.00 plus visa application fee. They are located at  41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City and I suggest you get there early as they are only open from 8:45 - 11:45 am for visa application and mind you, you will be together with a lot of OFW's seeking to get their working permits so early birds always get a good headstart.

Staff are friendly and nice except for the Filipino front desk officers, but everything else goes on smooth. Get this done, and say hello Taipei101!

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