Coron Down Under

The best of Coron, Palawan does not only sit above the shores where sparkling blue waters and lush greenery overwhelms your sight. It owes much of its enchantment from the grandeur life down under. The brilliance of colors and the glowing movement of the waters were spectacular. Must I say it is a paradise in a paradise?

From Kayangan Lake's chandelier stone formation to the glowing fishes of Siete Pecados, to the playful creatures in the shores of Banana Island to the majestic kingdom of the Bolog Reef; Coron, Palawan has so much to offer.
Let me bring you to Coron, down under. 

Siete Pecados

Kayangan Lake

Banana Island

Bolog Coral Reef

Needless for more words, the Philippines' wealth isn't always measurable by figures, sometimes, they are worth a pair of huge glasses and a tube to breathe. 


  1. Lovely shots! I've never been to Coron, but it's in my bucket list. Want to go wreck diving! Btw, I love your header! Who did it? I already added you to my blog roll :) -Solitary Wanderer

  2. Thank you Aleah! I made the header but a friend of mine did the animated version of me. You really must go to Coron, I'm sure you'd love it there! :)

  3. Daaaaaan! Love your blog! :) You're a wanderdude indeed.

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  5. Hopefully by next year eh makapunta na ako sa Coron.