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 Tune Hotel Cebu - Crown Regency Hotel - Marco Polo Plaza

Even though the comfort of staying on the same bed, same room, same hotel is very alluring, there is nothing more exciting than a chance to have a little bit of adventure. I wanted something new, one that's exciting  and inconsistent- in a good way. They say party animals go club-hopping, travel bugs on the other hand 'should'  go hotel-hopping! It may appear inconvenient for many, but I just can't stay in one place. :)

What I enjoy most about trying different hotels is the unique experience you get, albeit there are international standards, for each hotel brand, whether local or a foreign chain has a trademark hospitality they have designed for its guests. This experience is what we pay for. 

Cebu has given me that opportunity. Being an ironically sophisticated but a simple city, Cebu has a lot to offer for the itchy feet. There are numerous budget friendly hotels across almost every spot in the city, while 5 star hotels fill up the skyline.

I was able to hop on three iconic hotels in the Queen City of the South. This is one of the highlights of the trip.

In Tune with Cebu

The international hotel brand – Tune Hotel has finally hit the Visayas. With their trademark “pay for what you need”, Tune Hotel is the budget traveler’s best friend. You get to stay at a cozy hotel with your accommodation custom-made to your needs.  Toiletries, towels, air conditioning, you only pay for what you need at the time you need it. Air condition packages ranges between 12 hours to 24 hours, depending on your discretion.

Not only is it wallet-friendly, it is also just a few hops away from Ayala, one of Cebu city’s prime entertainment and shopping getaway. Just across the Cebu Business District and a few minutes ride to the different tourist spots in the city.

Budget should not compromise the experience. Exactly why the amenities of Tune Hotel isn’t remarkably far from those of five star ones. Bed linens, pillows, a flat television screen, rain showers, a safety deposit. Comfort is at its best.  

Glow in the Dark – Crown Regency Hotel & Towers

Located In downtown Cebu, Crown Regency is a visual delight.  Considered to be one of the pillars of Cebu hospitality, the hotel has bee hosting a wide variety of guests for quite some time now. Crown is a classic Cebu hotel which keeps up in the market by giving a whole new set of adventures for its guests. Crown Regency offers not only a wonderful accommodation experience, but to top it all, on top of the towers are the famous Sky Walk Adventures,The Edge Coaster ride and a lot more. The hotel gives you a spectacular view of the city, in a thrilling and exciting way.

The best thing about this hotel is the spacious rooms which can even host up to four guests on their standard double. Beds are crucially chosen to fit the standards of a five-star brand.

Crown Regency is also just a few minute ride from the main hubs of Cebu and is just walking distance from malls and munch points. 

Although they could use a little upgrade to their in-room television, nevertheless, the entire space is functional, comfy and relaxing.

Loco over Marco - Marco Polo Hotel

Now this one’s different from the two above.  Hopping into Marco Polo was for a dining experience although needless for reviews, Marco Polo is an internationally acclaimed hotel chain.

CafĂ© Marco, the hotel’s alluring dining spot offers buffet in a wide selection. From starters, to main courses to endless choices of sweets. Along with Cebu’s very own The Young Pinoy Blogger, Ken, we were on a gustatory adventure.  

With price ranging from P1326.50 per person, you get to have a dining festivity from Asian to Western culinary. it is also noteworthy that they are significantly cheaper than the hotel buffets in Metro Manila. So when in Cebu, grab the opportunity to try these dining escapades in the Queen City of the South.

Marco Polo is the home of Korean Air flight attendants on their Cebu haul flights.

There is no way out but be driven at the sushi bars, pasta station, seafood chillers, dumplings area and ducks table, pastries and breads, fresh produces section and of course, what is Cebu dining without the world-famous Cebu Lechon (Roasted Pork). 

It was surely a delight to have a wonderful and sumptuous dinner at Cafe Marco. The feast was very fulfilling not only for the crumbling stomach but for the hungry soul who needs some time to unwind and spoil oneself from all the stress and hard work.

Wander Dude Notes:

Tune Hotel - Cebu
36 Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City
Cebu, Philippines 
Phone: +63 32 2320888
  • Book with Tune Hotels via Agoda.com for the best deals and packages

Crown Regency Hotel
Tower 1 Fuente Towers, Osmena Blvd
Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63(32) 418 8888
  • Try the sky adventures and entertainment facilities from the 18th floor up to the top.

Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu
Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas
Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63(32)2531111
Facsimile: +63(32)2348170
  • Make a reservation ahead of time as they can be fully booked specially on holiday seasons. 
  • Spend at least three hours in Marco Polo, have some tea for better digestion. When you are full, the place is also conducive for a wonderful talk so come with your family and friends for some good times.

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