The Dawn of the Philippines

The Philippines Moves Forward  by Kit Reyes

One of the most beautiful countries on the planet, it wasn't after recently that I have learned to appreciate how amazing the country is. Not without glitches, the Philippines is far from being perfect, nor is it close to be listed among the tigers of Asia, although as the video above said, the Philippines used to be the second richest country in Asia, next only to Japan.

But none of those matter anymore, what is more important is that the country is moving forward, it may take a while with those baby steps, but the motion that the country is taking is enough to consider that the Philippines indeed has a chance. 

A major factor to consider with this pace to sunrise is the country's realization to appreciate our biggest and most optimistic stronghold - tourism. After a few explorations over our neighboring countries, I can attest to  Sec. Jimenez's belief that the Philippines is indeed not like any other. This promising potential of the country to be a prime tourist destination in Asia could be easily attained as long as we know how to value this niche. 

With the world-famous Filipino hospitality, we sure do know how to work our ways and with enough efforts paired with A-list natural resources, the tourism industry shall boost the Philippine economy, but needless for motivations such as this one, the Philippines in itself, is truly and without a doubt, a pearl in the orient seas - worthy to be explored and worthy to be a relaxation haven, why else do we travel? 

As Del Rosario said, it is time to look at our country with fresh eyes, so let us do ourselves a favor and take into an adventure in our local seas, caves and terrains, together with the world, let us know why It is More Fun in the Philippines!

Details of the video and story here:


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