Dismiss the Doubts: First Time Cruising Tips

Guest Post by Catherine Lavinia

If you’re after a holiday with a difference this year, have considered cruising but are dubious about whether you’ll enjoy it or not, read on. Whether you like the look of the itinerary that RCI liner, the Mariner of the Seas offers, or you’re midway through browsing the cheap cruises available, there’s little point booking until you are sure that a cruise is the way to go.
As far as the holiday trade is concerned, cruising has skyrocketed over recent years, with one in eight foreign holidays being a cruise. It may be stereotyped as being a holiday for the older generation and it may be sneered at by treehuggers, but are these stereotypes based on fact? Or mere fiction?

  • Seasickness isn’t as common on liners as it might be on a speedboat. Stabilisers and new-fangled technology will maintain the balance of hulls while medication is available on the market to help.
  • More and more young holidaymakers are choosing the humble cruise for their vacation, reducing the average age of passengers on board, so you will be surrounded by like-minded people. Choose a cruise that offers facilities for your age group.
  • Novovirus may have been reported aboard ships due to the close quarters and shared communal areas, but it’s been a common virus on dry land this year too.
  • Cruises don’t always expect you to dress formally during the evenings anymore. With many ships, including RCI liners, offering ‘my time’ dining and welcoming informality.
  • They may not be the most environmentally-friendly method of transport, but many liners aim to do everything they can to give back to the planet, including reducing emissions in port and supporting local charities.
  • It’s unlikely that you’ll get bored. There are so many activities available on deck, from climbing walls to spa treatments, that you can take part in, plus the shore excursions are excellent.
Research cruising online and you can be safe in the knowledge that many of the myths associated are unfounded. Check out the cheap cruises available and try something a little different this year. 

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