Top Reasons to Choose Late Season Deals

Guest post by Catherine Lavinia

The 2012/13 ski season is coming to a close, meaning now is an opportune time to look ahead to the forthcoming winter. While many people will be heading for the mountains during December and January, others will be opting for a late season deal, but why? The tail end of the ski season is often considered to come hand in hand with icy conditions and chronic snow meltdown but that’s not always the case. Choosing to Ski Austria or Switzerland for example, can provide some incredible snowsure conditions until early May in some cases.

Skiing in Austria and beyond can be perfect for a late season deals, but why would you choose to go later rather than sooner? Here’s some top reasons to consider. 

  • The weather is warmer and the sun shines brightly. There’s a smaller risk of snowstorms and blizzards and, while not guaranteed, chances are the blue skies will mean you’re be more inclined to ski for longer.
  • The snow in many resorts is better than some might expect during the springtime months. The higher altitude resorts are more reliable, while glacial skiing offers the chance to ski all year round.
  • Holidays in late season tend to be much cheaper and kinder to the purse-strings.
  • Resorts tend to be quieter, meaning less crowded slopes and a more relaxing holiday.
  •  Longer daylight hours mean that you’ll be able to appreciate more activities than you would usually. Rather than heading for the slopes and leaving them during mid-afternoon to return to your chalet, lighter evenings mean you’ll have the chance to enjoy the other facilities, such as ice skating or tobogganing.
  •  Lighter, warmer evenings mean that the nightlife will undoubtedly be more vibrant. There’s much more chance of getting the party started when it’s not unbearably cold outside! 

Skiing in Austria is incredible, whatever the time of year you choose to travel. Take a look at the fabulous offers online, today.

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