Yesinn @Causeway Bay: The Perfect Hostel Experience

A few weeks after leaving Hong Kong, I still couldn't relieve myself from the separation anxiety it has caused me. The trip was indeed one of the longest I had, but apparently it felt just short. I was craving for more though I had enough of the days well-spent in this part of China.

Rewinding, I could still remember how I was endlessly skimming through the numerous accommodation websites such as Agoda, TripAdvisor, HostelWorld and Booking and was meticulously scrutinizing the best beds to stay at in Hong Kong.

Couchsurfing was indeed an option I hope was feasible, but among the major cities in the world, I think couch surfing hosts in Hong Kong are quite few in number.

After reading the overwhelming positive feedback for Yesinn Hostel at Causeway Bay, I was confident enough to present the idea to my wander mates Tom and Ken, and without second thoughts, we booked four nights at their Causeway site.

It was a gamble, like every decision you make in preparation for a trip. Thorough reading and researching are vital specially when you are flying overseas. This time, I had to rely not just on what I have read, but with the gut feel I had for this hostel.

This was a first for me, staying in a hostel, sharing the same space with people of different race, culture, thinking they have their own ways of daily living was something I have always looked forward to as a wanderer and a travel blogger, but I never really had the chance to do it.
Hong Kong was just the perfect place to unwrap my desire to live ironically the same but in our own peculiar means.
I knew exactly what to expect at Yesinn after spoiling myself with tons of reviews, all great, if not spectacular that I reached a point of doubt if it was just something that's too good to be true.

Passing by a group of fellow guests chatting by the hallway who showed us the way seemed the welcoming committee to me. The excitement just grew at peak the moment we got into the front desk to check in, which was just next to the living room where everybody else were spending a laid back moment at.

I was amused to see how hippie the entire place was, I have seen it on photos but it was incomparable to how it is in real life. Not even the photos I took here shall give justice to how cozy the atmosphere is.

Checking in was ease, and there comes Tom who checked in earlier that day before we did and brought us straight up to the 9th floor. Thank God for the lift.

The IKEA-dressed linens got me in awe, the lobby up to the rooms were eye candies. I always give careful attention to the hotels I stay because I believe that the entire traveler-experience doesn't end when you enter your room. A well slept night is paramount to a well spent day outside so it is just right to be very keen on where you stay. Craving for a hostel experience, I think Yesinn@Causeway Bay perfected the hostel experience for all its guests.


Although you may be sharing a room for 9 or 21, it doesn't really mean that your privacy is invaded nor your own space be subtly violated, Yesinn took the efforts to let you feel private amidst being in common with others. Bed curtains and personal head lights are within your space for that "me-time" after a long day exploring the city. 

We spent the wee hours of the night mostly at the living room which was next to the kitchen. We got to talk to other guests, people-watch at those who are checking in late night and just be lazy on the couch or the massage chair, enjoying the free wifi over a good taste of music that the hostel plays endlessly.

One night I was famished past 2 in the morning but was too lazy to head out to grab myself a meal, so I bought a cup of noodles at the hostel for HKD10, prepared it at the kitchen and trust me, that was the best 10 bucks I have spent in Hong Kong. Perhaps I was just starving, but their instant noodles is as good as home made.  

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What I look forward to waking up every morning at Yesinn was the free coffee. If we wanted something to munch, we could have had cooked our own breky at the kitchen like everybody else does. But our mornings were sufficed with a cup or two of their well-brewed coffee. 

A laundry room was also just next to the living room so if you are running out of clothes, the machines are there for a few dollars, at your own pace.

I owe much of a really good time in Hong Kong to Yesinn. Had we chosen to stay elsewhere, my impression on hostels would have not been this remarkable. It has given me a different perspective on these kinds of accommodation. It was also a perfect compliment to my passion as I wanted to be immersed in a diverse and multicultural environment, and as a wanderer who enjoys nothing more than meeting new friends, speaking different languages (which by the way, I was able to exercise my Japanese and Spanish) and to feel at ease outside my comfort zone, I think i could not ask for more.

What's more special is the chance to have met a bunch of really awesome people I now call new-found friends from across the world. Yesinn was just like a pad I shared with different people away from home.

Hong Kong, truly Asia's world city.

Shout out to Evan and James from Mainland China, Tom from Davao, Rafa from Spain, Hiro from Japan, Jay and Barney from UK.

The Wander Dan Notes:

Try to book Yesinn ahead of time as they tend to be fully booked easily.

Each room has their own personal lockers to store your belongings. Upon check out, they have a luggage storage room if you wish to keep your bags at the hostel.

Best way to get to the hotel is through bus A11 to Causeway Bay from the Airport and step down at Wan Chai Fire Station Bus Stop, it's just in front of the hostel.

Yesinn @ Causeway Bay is located right at the heart of Causeway Bay, a shopping district and is just 5 minutes away from the MTR station.

Cheers to Jannick from the front desk! 

You may check them at

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