A Toast at Crowne Plaza Kowloon East

After our 4-day stay in a hostel in Hong Kong, we wanted to indulge the remaining 2 days by venturing out in a little bit of luxury. This was a leisure getaway after all and although luxury hotels in Hong Kong aren't the cheapest in the world, we were looking for a reasonably priced one without having to downgrade our definition of a comfortable, beyond bed-comfort accommodation.
Gaining whooping scores from Tripadvisor, Agoda and Booking, three of my most trusted travel-review website, Crowne Plaza Kowloon East was our final choice after cancelling a few other reservations from other hotels.

Being an IHG Member, I had a glimpse of how the chain lives their brand. But I would like to see how Crowne Plaza builds its identity at their new rise in Kowloon East.

Although it is a little bit far from the central areas in Hong Kong, Crowne Plaza Kowloon East makes the distance worth it. Among all the hotels I have experienced and reviewed, Crowne Plaza, being a four-star hotel took the definition of comfort and luxury by storm, making it worthy to add another star to its name.

It is modern, chiq and elegant in every detail. I particularly love how the receptionists and the staff are friendly beyond expectation. The front desk supervisor personally checked us in from the IHG Member's lane who offered if we wanted to re-freshen up our room as we were three hours behind our expected check in time. That was a very nice thought, but I just had to skip it as we wanted to rest already.

The rooms were very spacious, the most space I have ever seen on a standard double room with large bay windows occupying almost the entire wall. The linens and pillows were comfortably soft and tender. The lights were well installed at the right areas so not to illuminate too much if we only wanted a few brightness.

The lobby was such as delight as well with intricate visual signs and interior design, the most eye candy structure was the grandeur stair case to the second floor.

On top of all, I love how the washroom was built. A sliding door welcomes you to the bath tub and the lavatory with complete vanity kits and a large glass window where I was a little bit anxious at first as it was widely visible from the outside. Good thing there was an automatic curtain that covers the glass if you need some privacy. Adjacent to the tub were two doors, one for the toilet and one for the shower with the shower being literally laid at the ceiling, as if it sprinkles you with rain from the surface itself.

Connected to the hotel is the Tseung Kwan O MTR Station which is also inside the Popcorn Mall, a huge shopping mall so everything you need is just within access. 

As a cherry on top, the top floor sky bar called The Cielo at the 47th Floor is such a perfect place to get some good times with your friends over a glass of wine which we really enjoyed.

If you have a few more time to spare, you may also walk by to the river or the the Institute of Arts within walking distance.

Overall, i'd give two thumbs up in terms of customer service, money value and comfort to Crowne Plaza Kowloon East. 

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