Sawadee Kap! Dusit Thani Manila

Passing by Ayala Avenue and Edsa, you can't miss that building with bright blue letters light up at night. Dusit Thani Hotel has always been a source of my curiosity. How can a Thai-hospitality based hotel capture the hearts of guests in a country who is the home to the world's most hospitable people.

Must have been one of the early hotel settlers in the metropolitan Manila, Dusit Thani doesn't seem to be the most modern, but the soonest you enter a lobby filled with an aroma I can only remember smelling in Bangkok, you'd get a look and feel of Thai hospitality and the only thing you can ever visualize is to relax.

The interior of the hotel depicts a lot like the temples in Thailand, I can remember being golden-ly overwhelmed in Bangkok as almost everything were shining shimmering. Dusit Thani Manila excites its guest by showing off a grandeur interior wrapped with nothing more than gold.

Luxury hotels in competition with Dusit have usually embraced modern ways of hosting it's guests such as tablets upon check-in and room key-enabled elevators, however, Dusit Thani remains traditional. Whether you look at it as something to be 'left out' or you opt to consider this as the customary hotelier way, none of those technology perks brought the level of their hospitality in jeopardy. 

Although the hall way and the room furniture can use a little bit of refurnishing and perhaps a few brushing up in style to make it look 'fresher'. Maybe a little platter of fruits to welcome the guests would also do the trick. Although my expectations were not exceeded, Dusit Thani has given the satisfaction you always look for in a hotel and that well deserve good time is given in full. To top it off, they have wonderful service from the staff, something that is truly beyond star-recognition.

 There's one thing though that I am immensely excited to try in Dusit Thani Manila. I've heard they offer such an amazing feast for breakfast at the Basix Restaurant. Waking up early the next day was the cue to head down and get the day started.

True enough, the breakfast was indeed spectacular in such a way that amongst all the luxury hotels in Manila, they seem to be the only one who gives an appealing effort to prepare dishes that are international but Filipino as well. They have a variety of western, traditional Asian and Filipino delicacies to devour on. My favorite was Taho (Bean Curd in caramel sauce and tapioca pearls).

Had the chance to walk around the place as well and it was ironic, although nice, to see a Japanese garden in a Thai hotel. Probably because it hosts quite a number of Japanese guests. The swimming pool also has an interesting lay out which I wish I had the chance to swim at. 

One more thing that Dusit Thani is famous for is the Deverana Spa. As Thailand is known for wellness activities such as Spa, I'm not very surprised why Dusit attracts a lot of customers wanting to have a good massage.

Dusit Thani, although could use a little polishing certainly did not fall short of giving a five-star service. This goes to show that Thai hospitality has a place in the Philippines and Dusit Thani Hotel's traditional ways has captured the hearts of its valued guests.

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