Cebu on Instagram: Phone and an Empty Stomach

My second time in Cebu was flawless. The best thing about having been to a particular destination is that you know exactly what to do and your expectations have been set, though still allowing room for something new and bizarre.

It was a bit frustrating to have lost all my photos during my first step in Cebu and on my second time, I was planning to have just my phone with me as I wandered. This kind of traveling is something very familiar to most.

Cebu, the Queen City of the South has a charm that is greatly favored, specially to someone like me who have lived the calmness of the province and the bustles of the metropolis. It's an upscale, modern city but a more laid back version of Manila. And just like Manila, most of the travel spots aren't laid in the heart of the city but rather at it's nearby towns and coastal areas. This is why we devoured on a food adventure instead.  Gearing up with just a phone, an Instagram account and a stomach which has a space for anything, we scavenged the city's best food smudges. 

A quick stop over the hyped tourist points in the city was something we didn't want to miss but among others, it was the Magellan's Cross that I was excited to see again. Beyond the handful of picture-perfect tourist spots, our travel adventure was more of a chronicle of the taste buds so I ought to take photos of the food that I certainly had pleasure in devouring - reasons why I wouldn't mind coming back to Cebu.

Here's a list of my Instagram-worthy treats that I personally enjoyed. 

6. Casa Verde

Casa Verde's niche is that it offers fancy looking dishes at a pocket-friendly cost. Their famous Back Ribs is something every local would suggest. At a quarter of the usual cost of this dish, this particular plate is of great value! However, the taste wouldn't make you forget counting calories. It doesn't really give you that urge to crave for some more, but nevertheless, it's something you can enjoy everyday.

5. La Fortuna

Being literally just a hop away from the Magellan's Cross, it is impossible not to spot where La Fortuna is. Not is it only very easy to find, it is my mother's favorite so I definitely have it on my radar. Famous for their pastries, little is ever written about their cheap but sumptuous meals. It doesn't present itself as something lucrative but their Pork Spring Rolls were something we couldn't stop asking for more.

4. Sunburst Fried Chicken

Sunburst's house specialty, their Fried Chicken cooked to perfection has brought this restaurant much attention, including mine. I was leaving for the airport but could not resist giving myself a plate of their golden brown delight with coleslaw and potato wedges on the side. Dip it in ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, the next thing I knew is that I am thinking about it again while I write this.

3. Zubuchon

There's actually quite a number of choices for Lechon Baboy in Cebu. The town is famous for this fine Spanish-Filipino delicacy after all so expect a list of flavorful roasted pork, marinated in various ways. But the most famous among them all is Zubuchon after being coined by Anthony Bourdain, the "Best Pig...Ever!"

Why I love it? Because it has been branded well but doesn't jeopardize the taste to be commercial.

2.  La Marea 

If you have a sweet tooth, La Marea is a heaven on Earth. The Warm Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream had me mute for the entire time until my cup was empty, bringing me closer to asking for another warm one. You see those usual tv commercials where the characters would close their eyes in amusement of it's taste? Well that was exactly how I felt. If there was a camera, I could have been an all-natural endorser.

I was mesmerized by the brilliant idea of whoever created this recipe in making such a simple dessert to be an extraordinary treat. 

If you have room for more, the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes follows the lead. Melts like a cream and not a foam. 

1. La Vie Parisienne

It was totally out of my imagination to find a place in Cebu that would be as exhilarating as this french-inspired P√Ętisserie and Winery. I am biased to have it as my top choice because I have a soft spot for french pastries and sips of fine wine. La Vie Parisienne has given me much expectations. It has a humble facade, but it has kept on the level of expectation that I have had. The smell of their freshly baked macaroons and pains and croissants next to a pile of countless wines has wrapped the entire patisserie, summoning everyone for some more. Bring those puffs at the back and you get to dine in a open space filled with pretty tables and night lights, treats and a place that are pleasant to the eyes and tames the mood.

The Wander Dan Notes: Awesome View While Dining

If my criteria focused on the ambiance while dining, Mr. A Restaurant up the hills of Cebu City would have earned a top spot on my list. There's no better way to dine al fresco in Cebu but on a spot like this (although there's just a few cabs that runs this route).

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