Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Boracay

With rains pouring intermittently, it was basically a lazy vacation and I've mostly kept my attention in taking snapshots rather than feeling the rain, feeling the breeze coming from the shore, listening to the sound of the waves hitting earth and get along with the serenity and emotions brought by those moments. 

What redeemed this could-have-made-better experience was that Zuzuni Hotel was more than splendid as our home over the white sands of Station 1.

I have always wanted that sea side feel and when I found the online photos of Zuzuni, I could not stop but fall in love with how this hotel was designed. It is a three floor hotel with 13 rooms which makes exclusivity its niche. As the hotel says, there is a certain luxury in not having to share your living room with other guests.

The Hotel covered in wind breakers due to strong winds in the season
As it stands just at the tail of Station 1, this part of the island remains very lively and the shore greets you at one glance from your beachfront balcony. The friendliest people I've met on the island are also the hotel's staff. Because it only is a small scale hotel, it was able to live out how being a boutique hotel should be and the novelty paired with it. It felt like your very own beach vacation house. 

I felt a spark of delight when we entered the hotel. It was this ideal Mediterranean set up in a very relaxing feel adjacent to their Spanish inspired restaurant called Cozina. This was exactly where I would want to be. I have a soft spot for wooden interiors and the simplicity of their wooden design and furniture ironically gave a grandeur feeling to us.

There's also this certain spell every time you hit the hay and waking up after with the feeling of being energized and refreshed, part of it I would attribute to the ambiance of the hotel giving that cozy look and feel, its well fitted linens, pillows and beds, another part could be the rays of sun beaming from the window, with the breeze pushed by the winds of the sea, these little pieces, when pulled together radiates the feeling of paradise.

Zuzuni was the kind of comfort zone I always wish to have in a sea side dreamland. That although the rest of what I did in Boracay could have been better ones, it's the feeling of having an excellent hotel to stay after the day that really counts when all else fail.

The Wander Dan Notes:
  • To make the most of your stay, book the beach front rooms. Although their standard rooms (not facing the beach) are also very cozy.
  • The hotel is just a few meters away to the right coming from D-Mall and is just right next to Army Navy.
  • Check their website here: http://www.zuzuni.net/
  • Do try their famous Matti Sin dessert


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