AurumOne Hotel Makati

I've gotten myself into a number of times where I was asked by family and friends for my thoughts on a convenient place to hit a night before catching a flight the next day or a quick layover in Manila. While I can recommend a few hotels around the airport, paying luxury for a a swift convenience didn't sound very appealing. 

As soon as I learned about AurumOne Hotel which is strategically located a few minutes from the airport and a short distance away from the city centre, I immediately wanted to check it out if it was something worth the night. 

AurumOne Hotel prides itself for being a no-frills hotel with the service comparable to that of a 4 star hotel. It is all about the comfort every traveler needs taking away the non-essential aspects that turn out to be just an addition to your cost. This concept has totally got me into realizing that it was indeed a practical idea.

Budget airlines have had this ideology for quite sometime now, but contrary to the budget-carrier experience, AurumOne Hotel doesn't feel low cost at all. Aside from being surrounded by staff who possess the 5-star hotel experiences, the look and feel of this 8-storey building was far from being considered as budget but within a price that is not too overwhelming.

The soonest I entered the hotel's lobby, the zen aroma has greeted me with such a delight before I was even welcomed by the friendly front desk officers. I was then escorted to my room which was an Aurum Suite located at the corner of the 4th floor. I was excited to realize how spacious their Suites were and that everything you need is already within reach. 


I particularly love how the washroom and toilet were designed giving me that modern condo-like feel. They had supplied the room with the toilet essentials. Like any traveler, cleanliness was on top of my list and I wasn't disappointed. 

The room has a modern sliding door to maximize the space and extra pillows available in the cabinet. That's a total of 6 pillows inside your own room!

The hotel also invites their guests to start the day at The Nook for a breakfast affair. The continental buffet was quite simple but it had everything I needed to fuel me up for the day.

I also got the chance to check out the rest of the rooms and I was pleased to see that the rooms were indeed at par to the comfort you get in luxury hotels albeit simplified. I was excited to see The Loft because I have always thought about living in a loft type apartment soon. The two-storey room has a generous space you could even throw a party inside.

The Deluxe Room was AurumOne's response to the common traveler's need to have a standard room. These rooms, although has a limited floor area than the suite is still at par to the standard rooms of some well-known brands in the industry. 

The rooms have enough power sockets to charge your gadgets and are well lit. I soon learned that the hotel got its name to the Latin word "Aurum" which means Gold. True enough, the interior's colour palette consisted of Gold and earth tones which makes it very calm and un-intimidating.

Check out a 360 view of the rooms:

The use of this 360° virtual tour of AurumOne Makati is authorized by Traveloka.

After two nights of stay at AurumOne Hotel, I could say that the service and comfort were consistent all the way. The hotel's minimalist design, standard amenities and spot on service was perfect for anyone who needs the well deserved comfort. 

Not is it only the right hotel for those who wants to be within close proximity to the airport, it is also a very good choice for tourists in Manila or a family looking forward to a night of staycation. 

After less than a year from it's soft opening, AurumOne Hotel is now ranked 16th out of 72 hotels in Makati (as of May 2015). The rapid climb in rankings is already a testament to what the hotel is really all about. 

The Wander Dan Notes:

AurumOne Hotel
  • Address:  1682 Evangelista cor Hen. Del Pilar Street, Bangkal, Makati City, 1233 , Manila, Philippines
  • Phone:  +63 2 737 3800
  • Fax:  +63 2 737 3822
*Warm thanks to the Hotel's Manager Vikki, Front Desk Officer Susy and Staff Al.  


  1. Great review! Can't wait to check it out next time I'm in Manila!!

  2. Your write-up & photos make me want to fly to Manila JUST to stay at Aurum One... NICE!

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