The Award Winning Quest Hotel Cebu

In a vibrant city like Cebu, the list of hotels continue to grow longer and choosing where to stay remains a beautiful task I that I always enjoy, although may sometimes be time consuming. The Cebuano hospitality industry is indeed one of the most competitive in the country and it could only mean a hoist of quality. 

Among the most popular hotels in the city is Quest Hotel and Conference Center right in the heart of Cebu City. Having been to the city for a couple of times, I always get to pass by this mega building in front of the Ayala Terraces Mall and when I got the chance to experience its welcoming doors, it was an instant answer to my question on why it has blossomed so rapidly. 
Quest Hotel is fairly young in the city having opened just a few years ago with over 400 rooms. this alone signifies how massive this hotel is. The hotel claims to be 3 star but to me, it was certainly more than that.

The lobby was staffed with friendly individuals who seem really delighted for the presence of the guests, it is easy to identify the kind of hospitality that is brought up by the need to be welcoming than the sincere desire to serve. Quest Hotel definitely takes pride on its people and I have experienced that first hand. 

What I love about Quest Hotel at first impression is that it is an upscale, modern hotel that balances the taste for business and leisure. But more than that, being a large brand that it is, it doesn't give the intimidating feeling that is often felt in luxury brands. That charm makes this hotel a favorite whether on a budget or wanting to do some splurging.

As a traveler, comfort is always vital for me but it is also important not to jeopardize the design which makes the experience more holistic. Linens should be well maintained, the room should be spot on clean and the mood should totally be set for relaxing. All these items were checked on my list and I couldn't help myself to doze off so easily the moment I hit the bed albeit it was just almost lunch time. 

There are four room types, Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Executive Suite and mine was a Premier Deluxe Room with great view of the pool and the city on my own private balcony. 



The view of the pool was so inviting that I eventually gave in having a a few laps and getting myself a glass of Mojito at the pool bar. It suddenly felt like summer and the moment was just perfect to relax along with other guests who enjoyed the sun and the waters. 

You don't find too many hotels that offer such a unique experience for dining. Flavored Puso or hanging rice is Puso Restaurant's staple. Puso was a common sight to me but I never really thought flavored ones exist. This has become very popular in the city that tourists often visit the restaurant just to try this innovation. Other than that, Puso Restaurant offers a truly international buffet with a lot of Filipino dishes that I honestly had a great time devouring upon. Among the buffets in the city, I could say this one's is on my top three. 

The restaurant is also a favorite place for corporate dining and family gatherings. In fact, most of those who came in were families who wanted to enjoy good food and a really good time. 

Quest Hotel values the kind of service they provide, the kind of service that they are really good at. The number of awards, despite the hotel being young, is a testament to how this international hotel is committed to provide the best of Filipino hospitality.

I also learned that the hotel takes the effort to continuously find areas to improve and redesign. That makes this hotel a real player in the game. 

With a spectacular location, impressive amenities and services and the easiest hotel staff to deal with, Quest Hotel will need a bigger table to place more awards soon. 

Quest Hotel and Conference Center
 Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines

Special thanks to Ian Baol, Marketing Officer of Quest Hotel Cebu

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