Exploring Southern Cebu

Cebu will always be an instant choice every time I feel like going out of town to separate myself from the busy and hectic Manila scene. Like most of the highly urbanized cities, the charm is always hidden on the outskirts and Cebu is no exception.

The Queen City of the South was a place very familiar to me after constantly scavenging for great food spots during my previous visits. But other than great food, it also has a great variety of outdoor activities a true adventurer should not dare miss.

Albeit the fact the city has its own allure, there is more to discover about Cebu so I retreated to idea of spending less time in the city and explore the real beauty that Cebu is really proud of.

We woke up really early to catch the bus at Cebu City towards the southern tip of the island and hopped on the Ceres bus. Bus leaves quite accurately and the earlier you leave, the more time you enjoy some lazy moments just to admire the fresh air at the south. 

We were dropped at the Badian town center where our tour guide met us. We spent some time being briefed about what the day would be like. I finally felt the adrenalines starting to rush when I wore the safety gears. Although the idea sounded bizarre and exciting to me, I never really understood what we were supposed to do other than go trekking - not until I had my first view of what it was about from above. 


Geared with a safety helmet, a mandatory life vest and some pair of a shoes conducive for a wet adventure, the Canyoneering (Canyoning) at Badian was the best adventure I had in my life. We spent more than 4 hours trekking on slippery slopes, waterfalls and ice-cold river leading to the Kawasan Falls which in itself is already a majestic view.

There were no other options but to jump off the falls to advance to the next station and going back is not a choice unless one is willing to climb stalactites. I haven't seen any body of water as turquoise as Kawasan's and the feeling of just floating on the blue waters is just surreal.

Detaching myself from any expectation has given me the chance to enjoy those adrenaline rush-invoking jumps to the fullest of my senses - a practical lesson in life that I took home with.

It was quite a physically demanding task especially that it takes a couple of hours, it is not for the faint hearted or those who does not take YOLO (You Only Live Once) mantra, but completing the entire trek is very fulfilling, like the feeling when you aced a difficult mathematics exam - seemingly impossible but with patience and hardwork is achievable nonetheless.


The trek ends with the highest jump of the Kawasan Falls which I didn't bother trying anymore because my body was just too tired to endure another one. However, the lunch overlooking the falls was just magnificent and the view recharged my then-draining batteries. 

About an hour away from Badian is the town of Oslob which is really famous for swimming with Whale Sharks. Just a few meters from the shore, the guides will paddle the boat leading towards a class of huge whales. These are harmless creatures and can grow as long as 14 meters at an average. 

It's certainly an advantage if you know how to freedive in the open waters. It gives you a much closer interaction with these giants although touching them is strictly prohibited. 

It was a bit frightening to swim right next to these giants specially when they swim towards you with their mouth open, like aiming to swallow my helpless body. But these creatures are very picky with what they eat and human meat does not appeal them at all. They are very friendly and playful and life needed not to be worried about while swimming with them, unless of course one does not know how to swim. 

A few more feet below the water, under the sharks gracefully gliding through water are sea marshals who are safeguarding the activities and ensuring that no rule is being violated, like feeding and touching the sharks. Application of sunblock is also prohibited because it may poison them so wearing long sleeved rashguards is highly recommended. 

A quick side trip in Oslob is Tumalog Falls, this to me was the most gentle waterfalls I have ever seen. The water flows very gracefully and the sound coming from the splashes are very pleasing to the ears.

We took a moment to take a dip on its cold waters and the surrounding greenery is just very pleasing that one can forget the time so easily. 

The Wander Dan Notes:
  • Arrange your Southern Cebu adventure with Raymond Sande at +63 915 139 2249.
  • There are other activities that can be done on the same day after Kawasan Falls Canyoning.
  • There are no hotels in Badian so it is recommended to book a homestay instead. 

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