A Taste of Portugal in Macau: Fado Restaurant

Probably the best thing about traveling is the opportunity to indulge yourself in a variety of culinary experiences. As a Portuguese colony, Macau has remained faithful to the western influence that creates the distinct look of this undeniably exciting city. While the remnants of the Portuguese occupation remains alive, Portuguese cuisine is not as noticeable. Fado at the Hotel Royal Macau is one of the few restaurants, and probably the best at it, who is inspired to bring on a modern take on traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Fado Restaurant macau

Fado Macau 

We sat over dinner with the restaurant's mediterranean ambiance from the water goblets to the stoneware. The walls furbished to bring such a relaxing and soothing vibe consistent to the restaurant's theme.

I was very excited to meet Fado's Chef Luis Americo, a well-known culinary master from Portugal who graced our first Portuguese dining experience. He later prepared our dish right in front of us. 

Fado Restaurant Bread

Fado Restaurant Bread

As a starter, our table had a basket of breads which I have always been a fan of, paired with a variety of spreads and olive oils. 

Our feast soon began with Acorda fria de santola com carpacio de polvo e vinagrete de pimentos or Crab bread stew with octopus carpaccio and bell peppers inspired by genuine Alentejo cuisine and the peculiar use of bread. 

Fado Restaurant Macau

Fado Restaurant Macau

I absolutely love the combination of the crab bread stew and the thin slices of octopus. Portuguese cuisine has a lot of seafood in their menu being a country surrounded by sea. Initially I thought the two seafoods would overpower each other's taste but surprisingly, they blended well together. 

Next on the menu was the Bacalhau a Bras or Cod with egg and angel hair fried potatoes "a Bras", created in Estremadura. The creamy texture associated with the crispy potatoes makes the dish a gourmet national emblem. Chef Luis prepared this dish right in front of our table and just by looking at how delicately it is prepared to maintain the crisp of the angel hair, one can already taste how rich the flavors are. 

Chef Luis Americo

Fado Restaurant Macau

Main course was a dish very common to my tastebuds but prepared in a peculiar way to bring in some more flavors into it. Leitao com chips de batata e salada de laranja or Roasted sucklicg pig with potato chips and orange salad, inspired by the famous iconic piglet from Bairrada, a contemporary presentation with traditional seasoning of black pepper and garlic. The roasted piglet is kept pressed for at least twenty four hours trapping all the flavors inside. I could not tell you enough how much of a delight it was to taste a familiar dish brought to a whole new level of gustatory experience. 

The crispy sheet of skin on top and the flavorful tender meat below, paired with some greens on the side is absolute perfection. 

Fado Restaurant Macau

Fado Restaurant Macau

As someone who has a sweet tooth, I couldn't be more excited to have a taste of Fondant de abobora com mousse de quelijo fresco a amendoas tostadas or Pumpkin lava cake with white cheese mousse and toasted almonds from the Beira region. We probably have heard of chocolate lava cake all the time, but never have I seen nor heard of a Pumpkin lava cake, let alone a Pumpkin dessert. The look of it is already very interesting and as soon as I took my first bite with a dash of white cheese, it was certainly heaven on earth. What's tricky about desserts is that people often prefer a dish that is not too sweet but still gives a perfect end to a savory meal and this was definitely spot on. It is amazing how the white cheese balances the sweetness of the lava cake crust and filling, along with the crunch of the almonds, it is just exquisite! This is something I would not mind having everyday. 

Pumpkin Lava Cake

If you are planning to visit Macau, don't miss the chance to dine in at Fado Restaurant and get a dose of Portuguese cuisine right in the heart of Asia.

Fado Restaurant definitely prides itself as a restaurant who transforms legendary Portuguese taste in a modern dish. 

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Fado Restaurant
Hotel Royal Macau
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