Exploring Hong Kong's Countryside: Repulse Bay and Stanley Market

Passing through curved roads, cliffs and and a stunning scenery, the south of Hong Kong is always a fun idea. In fact, choosing between which bus to take is absolutely a major decision to make when exploring the part of the city. Whilst buses 260, 6, 6A or 6x will bring you to Stanley Market, passing through Repulse Bay, its the few stopovers that seal the deal. Albeit 6x is considered express bus, 6 or 66 gives you a picturesque glimpse of the countryside. 

The south offers so much of a calm yet vibrant vibe where the bliss in shopping and a cup of coffee is perfectly matched together. The best part is that Stanley Market in Stanley Village is sitting right next to Repulse Bay so having to traveling to this part is such a breeze. 

I always have an affinity with the waters feeling that I was incarnated from being a sea horse in my past life. When I first heard about the Repulse Bay a couple of years back, I knew right then that I couldn't dare miss it the next chance I get. Not too many thought that bumming on the beach was possible in a city like Hong Kong but then again, only if you appreciate the off beaten track that you can find the hidden peculiars of a destination.

It was a cold morning when I started my route to the south. Walking on the shores of Repulse Bay gave me shivers, both by the cool wind and the fact that I was meters away from the ocean. I played with the tiny waves that hit the carpet of white sand, then realizing that these waters are actually part of an ocean away from home and it made me even more excited about the moment. 

Had it not drizzled with light rain, I would not mind staying longer sitting on the sand, listening to the sound of waves racing to the shore. But Stanley Market doesn't deserve to come just as a consolation, this place compliments Repulse Bay very well because the two envelopes you in such a calm vibe. Stanley on the other hand is more vibrant because of the exciting shopping thrill and the side by side cafes, restaurant and bars. 

I always imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning, right next to the Stanley Bay, hitting the paved streets for an early morning jog and catching a delightful brunch al fresco. Fortunately, there's always a next time to do all of these. 

Scoring some really great deals on clothes, bags and whatnot are inevitable. For reasons I have yet to discover, flee shops at Stanley Market offer overwhelming and too good to be true bargains- although most of the time, they are simply just good bargains, no hidden agenda. 

If taking the road less traveled excites you or if the countryside vibe is something you are fascinated with, the southern part of Hong Kong is a totally different world than what you are used to back in the metropolis. 

There's something really special about the southern parts of every country, probably because of the amount of sunlight that hits this region, I wouldn't know for sure. But whatever it is, just like every other south, it's a place to be. 

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