Plaza Premium Lounge - Changi Airport

In an airport which has so many things going on and so many ways to spend the time without spending a dime like Changi, lounges are practically unnecessary. But flying out on a red eye flight, the least I could ask is a chance to sleep for just a bit and indulge in some good food before closing a chapter of a great trip. Flying in economy class, let alone a budget carrier would seem like this chance is unlikely, but Plaza Premium Lounge makes that wish come true. 

Designed to help travelers get a good dose of pampering before the flight, lounges such as Plaza Premium makes every guest feel spoilt. Plaza Premium Lounges are scattered across different international airports in the world. 

Changi being the second Plaza Premium I have experienced next to Hong Kong International Airport's, I must say this is a better way to wait for your flight. Since I was traveling with my mom and dad, this sounds a perfect idea than to just loiter on the halls of a busy airport,  

With great food selection prepared by their in-house chef, there's no limit to your appetite from starters to main courses and desserts, the range of beverages and alcohols are even very generous. I particularly can't get enough of the freshly baked cookies sitting right next to me.

Singapore dining isn't complete without Laksa and Hainese Chicken Rice which are both available upon request.

I definitely love the wide selection of food that is at par to a luxurious hotel, service included. The staff are warm and accommodating which matches a very stunning look on the interiors and furniture choice.

Lucky for me it was the wee hours of the day so only a few guests were inside the lounge. A shower room, massage services and private office spaces were also available to anyone who needs those extra perks.

Its definitely worth it specially if you have long layovers or you have a couple of hours to spend and you've practically seen the airport anyway. And if you have a credit card that's either gold, platinum or on the higher notches, chances are, you have a complimentary stay at any Plaza Premium lounge so check it out with your bank before hopping on at the airport.

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