Hive Hotel and Convention Place

Character and story. These two are the things that I appreciate the most about hotels. Rooms can be fancy, linens can be of top quality but at the end of the day, what's more to a hotel than just its appearance?

In a booming age of boutique hotels, character is the main thing that makes the brand become exquisite. After all, with a pile of options to choose from, what really allures our attention is what the hotel is all about.  A hip, trendy and eco friendly hotel. These are what Hive Hotel prides itself about and has every reason to. Paired with the services of young individuals, there so much energy to be drawn from this retro inspired hotel. 

They say the north is far from the hipster vibe of the south. But the table has turned and Quezon City is no longer just an entertainment hub but a lifestyle district inviting the au corant. Take Hive Hotel into the portfolio. 

Being chic isn't enough, of course. Exactly why it was inevitable to spend a night in their rooms for a closer look of the details Hive Hotel has to offer. 

The interiors are in the hues of Tangerine and Purple with a streak of Black and White, the rooms have an ensuite toilet and bath with a supply of toiletries through dispensers to eliminate plastic waste. The beds are positioned well to maximize floor area and the lighting was absolutely spot on to maintain a calm vibe. 

The pillows were highly commendable as they are the kind that helps your neck rest well, complimenting the firm bed. One can also get easily wrapped in the sheets because unlike other hotel sheets, theirs doesn't have too much friction on the skin. 

Traveling in a large group can go smooth in Hive Hotel as they have a Party Room that can host you and your friends over a spacious nook. If you need a stage to throw an event, the hotel also has Ballrooms to make it happen. 

Instead of the usual pool set up, Hive Hotel has a peculiar outdoor Jacuzzi beside the Sky Garden. Its a unique way to spend some relaxing moments over a sip of their Calamansi Juice. 

But what is a staycation without devouring on some sumptuous breakfast. The Sky Garden offers a variety of Western and Filipino breakfast staples, while an array of pastries and salads await your picking. 

At first, one would not think an eye candy hotel such as Hive Hotel has something to offer to the environment. Not too many are able to embody form and substance after all.

Consistent to its flagship hotel, Cocoon Boutique Hotel, this hotel remains faithful to its advocacy of being environment friendly. An endeavor which has brought them with so much attention.

Hive Hotel takes the effort in becoming green by rain ground water harvesting in a big capacity cistern for toilet flushing, plant irrigation and general house cleaning, dual piping system to separate grey and potable water, water saving fixtures like faucets with aerators, and low flow “Water Sense” certified water closets, use of Photovoltaic Solar System powers 60% of the rooms, the use of skylight at the Ballroom; glassblocks at the stairwell and pantries for natural lighting, use of energy efficient lighting fixtures and appliances: LED lights, LED TV, Inverter-type airconditioners, absorption type minibar ref, and many others.

The hotel also use reclaimed wood and other renewable building materials, use of Energy Recovery Ventilators, use of recovered chilled water from aircon condensation to cool the al-fresco and kitchen areas, and to water the plant, cool building envelope through use of terracotta wall cladding and low-E glass windows, recycled/upcycled construction scraps for room accessories, bulk dispensers for certified organic bathroom amenities. And the list can go on. 

The Wander Dan Notes:

Hive Hotel and Convention Place
  • Address:  #68 Scout Tuazon corner Scout Madrinan Streets, Brgy South Triangle,, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Click here to view our location.
  • Phone:  +63 2 998 3117
  • Landline: 632-998 3117/632- 806 1004
  • Mobile: 0922-810 4692/0922-814 2481
  • Email:

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