Lido Cocina Tsina at La Fuerza Makati

What started in their humble beginnings in 1936 in Binondo, Lido Cocina Tsina which then was Panciteria Lido is now celebrating the launch of their 15th branch in La Fuerza Makati and its 80th year anniversary.

Since its inception eight decades ago, Lido has gone through several metamorphism in their quest towards becoming the leading brand in casual Chinese cuisine, but one thing has remained constant since Mr. Lido, a Chinese chef started what is now a staple in Chinese dining, that the way we enjoy our favorite Chinese dishes has just gone better through the years.  

The opening of Lido's 15th branch in La Fuerza in Makati marks not only the business' success but also reflects how Filipinos have a close ties with traditional Chinese cuisine. 

Being the home of Chinese Pugon-Roasted Asado as beamed on their label, I have always been curious what it is. I have never been to any Chinese restaurant who serves such attention-drawing dish and being a Chinese cuisine fan myself, imagine my excitement to have it served on my table. 

True enough, it is something one should never miss. The thinly sliced asado cooked medium rare is my definition of a Chinese steak. The meat was tender with just a gentle chew to savor every flavor that bursts out of it. Since it is pugon-roasted, the steam trapped inside added to the subtle yet distinct flavors nurtured on the meat. The sauce then adds a twist to the asado giving more life to the roast.

On another hand, I have truly enjoyed the Manchurian Chicken which I define as the Chinese teryaki. It is glazed in savory sweet sauce which goes deep towards the chicken meat. Every bite has a explosion of flavors and with a pair of their inhouse Yang Chow Rice, I could barely stop myself from putting down my spoon.  

The opening which was headed by its president, Ms Annie Wong didn't just gave a Chinese culinary experience but a customary Chinese tradition as well with dragon dances and a shower of coins and sweets to commence a bountiful way throughout, it was certainly a total Chinese experience. 

Ms Wong has also shared how delicate they plan their menu and how they value the kind of service that they provide, from staff training to quality assurance, Lido Cocina Tsina has indeed withstand the challenges of time because they remain faithful to offer the best Chinese cuisine in town. 

With such a high demand for Chinese cuisine in Metro Manila, Lido Cocina Tsina has definitely crafted Chinese cuisine standards and with their unique signature dishes and their passion to be the finest one, Lido will definitely mark its legacy for many more decades to come. 

The Wander Dan Notes:

Lido Cocina Tsina
Address: Unit 6 and 7 La Fuerza Plaza 2 Chino Roces Avenue corner Sabio St., Makati City
Telephone: 888-5436

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