From Manila to La Union: Feeling like a Kahuna (Part 1)

La Union has been a common tale among my friends who wanted to get a dose of beach chill. I didn't fancy it too much being predominantly laid with gray sand. In the past, surfing wasn't my thing too so it didn't give me the allure I would normally get once I hear the word beach. 

Albeit unenthusiastic about it, the thought of exploring La Union didn't entirely slip through my wander list, plus the idea of packing my bags along with a couple more friends in the blogging world was too good to pass on.

Kahuna Resort was the main destination in La Union, but little did I know that they have also dominated the Makati food scene. Standing in the middle of Jupiter Street, Kahuna Makati Bistro had us spoiled just before leaving the city. 

I was getting famished after traversing the busy city from north to south. Facing the rush hour is always a daunting task for me so I couldn't think of a better time to drop by Kahuna Bistro than that moment. However, my intended "drop by" got me sitting there for more than three hours after endless spoiling like a true Kahuna.  

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word for an important person. Chef Ian prepared dish after dish and drink after drink, because of that it was impossible not to let go of my intended diet before hitting the beach at La Union. Everytime I go on a trip, I always have my own version of a prelude, an activity that would start my hype before I jump in on the adventure and the dinner at Kahuna Bistro was a perfect match to my jigsaw. 

The long table started to be filled up with a plate after another, everything was too pretty to touch but I was too hungry to keep myself from devouring.

A huge bowl of Nachos headed towards our proximity and I couldn't be more delighted being a Nacho lover myself. With a touch of cilantro and the mild blend of salsa, it was a good way to start taming my growing appetite. A platter of cheese, bread and a glass of red wine soon came into my sight. I was happy to see Nachos but I was even ecstatic about the array of cheese and a sip of fine Sangria. Sure it was more of a girl's drink but would you really say no to one? 

Soon, the tables were getting cleared as I was starting to become full, until I realized we were only starting. A salad with grilled chicken, mango carvings and chorizo. Wednesdays are also a chance to take over huge burgers, giant burritos at the price of the solo serving. And beers are no exception. 

As a sports bar, chicken wings with an array of flavor overwhelmed me in such a way that I lost focus on which one to try. The overwhelming variety of chicken wings got me ballistic even if I wasn't too courageous to try the spicy list. 

The rice toppings served at P95.00 was surely a treat one must not dare pass upon. After trying chicken curry and sisig, which are my all time favourite, two thumbs up was a quick response after being asked how it tasted like. 

Although a feast was overflowing in front of me, my eyes were pinned on the Peanut Butter Burger which up until today I am still craving for. The adventurous fusion of savory meat flavor paired with a tinge of sweetness of peanut butter was unimaginable fulfilling. 

As an advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness, Kahuna Bistro also takes part in crafting a piece in their menu in honor of this advocacy. The Shake Your Boobies: a treat of three mini burgers, a basket of fries and a strawberry shake highlighting the color of the of the awareness is offered to the public in support of this noble cause, where proceeds of which will go to the campaign. 

The La Union prelude at Kahuna Bistro didn't just fill me up with good food but it jump started my hype to an awesome adventure. The best part about Kahuna Bistro is that they serve my comfort food, dishes that were familiar to me but prepared in peculiar ways. There are times when I am not in the mood to explore new things, all I really want was something close to my preferences done in a different way and that's exactly what Kahuna Bistro is all about.

 Right after a gastronomic adventure, we immediately hit the road northbound to La Union. But the Kahuna experience doesn't end when we left the bistro, this time, a paradise is awaiting us, Kahuna Resort! 

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