From Manila to La Union: Feeling like a Kahuna (Part 2)

With a happy tummy from the Part 1 of the Manila to La Union experience, we soon headed north. Just because I was surrounded with great friends, I was far from finding my way to sleep. We took the night bus from Cubao at 12 midnight to get rid of the usual traffic during daylight. After a little while I started to yawn and found myself occupying the entire row with an unflattering position, little did I know that the bus slowly got filled up but nobody dared to wake me up to take the extra seat I monopolized, probably because I was at awkward position. Looks like I got myself a trick the next time I go commuting. 
But the sun slowly crawled and the mist from outside the bus window was starting to build. It was such a fine morning to cease the sleep I have been enjoying amidst the uncomfortable state. While I barely had enough sweet dreams, I had full energy to start the day.

It was 6 in the morning when we finally reached Kahuna Resort in San Juan, La Union. The surrounding place was placid and quiet, either this is how chill the town really is or everyone is still in deep slumber. I soon had a glimpse of the shore who greeted us with a wonderful morning, complemented along with the sea breeze visiting us from the South China Sea, what else is a better way to enjoy the calm scenery than to spoil ourselves, yet again, with a hearty breakfast. 

Having no plans for the day, we spent hours lazing around our Ocean Villa with our very own pool aside from two other pools sitting around the resort. With music playing, a damp of sun block and a pair of sunnies, it was a moment I wish I could immortalize. 

The earthly tones and a touch of Filipino ingenuity wraps the villa with a very subtle lighting to set a soothing mood. The rooms are well ventilated with both air condition and a ceiling fan. The drapes bounced a soft light from the outside so you still get a bit of brightness from the sun.

Meanwhile, the resort's Resthouse gives that exclusivity you only get to see in hollywood movies. I could imagine myself with friends around me in one sunny day sipping a glass of mojito in a chill party vibe in this long pool. 

The next few days were a daily continuation of the slacker vibe in this paradise. I got the chance to walk around the various rooms and villas in the resort, walled in greeneries and in wooden ensembles, it was so refreshing to enjoy a slow pace of life then. The rest of the days, either were spent playing with the big waves or lounging over bean bags getting a nice tan. 

Acting the part of the lazy life, breakfast, lunch and dinner were served at our villas, saving us from walking to the resort's restaurant, which by the way was just a few meters away from where we have been couch potatoing. The Kahuna treatment was definitely exceptional and we couldn't ask for a better host.

And what is La Union without playing with the sea. Whether the waves were too tranquil or getting very exuberant, there were always something to do. The best part was that it was just a stone's throw away from our villas. 

I've always fancied being on paddle boards and the sight gave an instant shiver down my spine. But as soon as the waves start to assemble their way through the shore, it was a battle between Poseidon and our surf boards. 

La Union is a destination that made a very close mark to me, surprisingly. I initially thought it was just like any other beach spot, but beyond its beguiling outdoor activities, there's so much more about the locals and the vibe in this town. From the feels at the cafes, the intricate set up of bars and restaurants to the overall mood, it is the very definition of a hipster terminus that exudes a calm and chill mood, unlike the other beach destinations you might have been to, and Kahuna Resort did a great job to match the soothing vibe of La Union.

The best way to understand it, is to experience it yourself. 

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