The Legend Villas

The Filipino hospitality is one that could never be outshined by any other brand of service. While the hospitality industry in the Philippines has been on an increasing competition, with hotel names boosting their individuality and unique niches from each other, there is one that remains faithful to the values and core of our being truly Filipino.

As a pure Filipino brand, The Legend Villas creates an identity without the need to flash a fancy facade inspired by a foreign concept. Rather, it has grown to be a well-bloomed hotel based solely on the attributes of the Filipino hospitality- and that is what makes it a leader in the field.

Humbly sitting in the middle of the busy Metro Manila scene, The Legend Villa is literally at the heart of the city, with an easy access to wherever the action will take you. As a prelude, it is interesting to find a home in the middle of a hectic environment, all the more when this home shares familiarity to what is seen and felt in your very own.

Unlike the traditional hotel structure, The Legend Villas position its rooms in an apartment-fashion with a driveway right next to each other making you feel less of the overwhelming aura the usual luxury hotel boasts. 

Upon entering the rooms, the wooden interiors and the Filipino design is evidently seen at first sight - perfect for the Filipinos looking for a home-like atmosphere or the foreigners wishing to get a dose of what Filipino hospitality is like. 

With warm lighting embracing the entire space, it is impossible not to get a good night sleep in such a cozy atmosphere. 

Albeit the traditional touches in the interiors, a contemporary vibe is added to the inviting bedrooms which come in quite a variety: Studio, Deluxe, Family, Villa Suite, Team Suite and Executive Suite.

With quite a intricate eye for sheets, I was well satisfied with how firm the mattress and the pillows were. Some hotels do not consider this factor where in fact, it is one of the most crucial aspects in a hotel room. The sheets were also smooth as if they were pressed.

The overall aura of the rooms are something quite familiar to the traditional Filipino living room, probably why it was easy for me to find comfort in it. 

If there's one more thing that Filipinos are well know for, it is our passion for celebrations and fiestas. And for that very reason, The Legend Villas also opens their doors to every reason to party with their event and banquet halls. 

Because it sits strategically in the middle of practically everything, The Legend Villas is a convenient destination from all directions making it a favorite celebration destination. 

It is truly inspiring how The Legend Villas blossomed from just being an ordinary small scale hotel to a magnificent gem in the middle of the city that Filipinos could truly be proud of. From its faith-driven staff (and rooms where a bible comes in handy) to its mixture of traditional and contemporary feel and to its hospitality beyond compare, The Legend Villas is remarkably, a living legend indeed. 

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