Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival with My Biyahe Buddy!

A cold morning marks the start of a great adventure heading to Clark, Pampanga, the home of the annual Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fest. But the adventure is not just always only about the destination, it is the journey. 

I barely had sleep the night before hitting the road but I was far from wanting to complain, I was full of excitement to see those big balloons crossing over my head. The festival starts early morning when the sun isn't in full bloom yet so we left Manila past 1 in the morning. 

The road towards Pampanga can be a be a little bit boring and uneventful and toilet breaks are usually part of the itinerary, this is where I met my biyahe buddy: San Miguel Food Ave!

If you are a frequent road tripper like myself, knowing San Miguel Food Ave is inevitable. It is the stopover all of us are more than glad to take. I particularly love the Lakeshore in San Fernando, Pampanga - the best branch there is. It is also easy to find, where there's Petron, there's San Miguel Food Ave.

With an in-house bakeshoppe and a home to a variety of snacks and goods, it is simply heaven on earth for travelers. So I took the chance and filled my bag up. The ambiance is really cozy like those the feel you get in a coffee shop. 

We soon reached the airfield that keeps the balloons in shelter, the morning breeze is freezing and the dust felt like a dessert, but we were all too excited to witness those flying marvels in front of our very eyes.

Soon enough, the sky divers, airplane shows and the balloons started filling up the sky just when the sky was being lit with sunshine. And to fully enjoy the experience, I recommend bringing a face mask or hanky to cover up your face against the dust, wear comfortable clothes and some wraps and jackets that can easily be taken off when the temperature starts to rise, avoid wearing white sneaks as they will turn brown eventually, some sunnies and shade from the sun. 

Most importantly, bring in some loved ones and friends

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