A Unique Cantonese Dining Experience at Lung Hin

I have always been fascinated in dining on a high rise building, overlooking a magnificent scenery while devouring on a hearty course, paired with a delightful conversation. This has always been my definition of an ideal dinner and so I would definitely indulge in such an experience every chance I get. 

Marco Polo Ortigas has brought me into an exciting culinary adventure with their very own Lung Hin Restaurant at the 44th Floor. The intimate mood and set up of the restaurant give way to have special moments while enjoying authentic Cantonese cuisine. 

Over dinner, we took a moment to just be amazed with the stunning view that comes along with the flow of dishes that comes on our table. The menu had so much to offer that my fascination for Chinese cuisine grew as I browsed through the pages. 
We started with the signature Marco Polo Iced Earl Grey Tea. Earl grey is my personal choice in a variety of tea selections but never have I tried to have it served with ice. This signature drink maybe a little bit overwhelming at first because there's so much going on, there's a glass full of tea ice cubes, a plenty of seedless grapes, an elderflower syrup on the side and a pour of earl grey tea. But when mixed all together produces a refreshing drink, and because it is made of tea, it doesn't give you the feeling of being bloated but rather helps prepare you to relish on a good dine. 

Dumplings are not to be missed since it is a Cantonese restaurant after all, and Steamed Shrimp Dumplings or Hakaw garnished with gold leaves are definitely a good starter. 

A generous serving of Crab Meat Noodles in a special broth presents a very satisfying aroma of seafood which was also concomitant to the Seared Scallops Fried Rice that had an interesting oriental flavors of herbs, spices and scallops mixed together. 

But the creme a la creme and the highlight of our Cantonese dining experience is a modern take on Crab Claw laid on a bed of egg white, glazed with a sauce that brings out the flavor of the crab meat. The fluffy egg white and its subtle taste is a good pair to the savory crab meat flavor. It comes in two orders and I can see the reason why, savoring this delicate dish is more pleasurable when shared. 

Overall, the food, the staff, the innovative take on traditional menu and the ambiance, they are all worthy to be part of a Five Star experience that Marco Polo Ortigas has to offer. 

The WanderDan Notes:

Lung Hin
Marco Polo Ortigas
(02) 720 7720

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