Malayan Plaza Hotel

Offering a very strategic location, this probably is Malayan Plaza Hotel's best asset. Standing in the middle of a busy city, Malayan Plaza has made comfort connive with convenience. 

Business is the main pulse of Ortigas and this is what Malayan Plaza Hotel is all about. Offering a good place to stay where running errands or going to work would not be too much of a hassle. Malayan Plaza Hotel not only offers this kind of convenience but also provides access to an affordable stay.
The hotel has this simple yet classic feel and spacious rooms, amenities fit for an apartment-style living and a vibe that is similar to having your own condo. Because it offers the apartment fashion, the interiors may also be a little less fancy compared to its neighbors and perhaps that is the character that it would like to maintain. 

With a dining table, a mini kitchen complete with a mini refrigerator, a microwave, a gas range and i'm guessing an electric stove to pair it, it would definitely be ideal to play home away from home. 

The toilet looks new and clean with a set of complimentary toiletries, plus, the rainshower did the trick. I always enjoy taking a bath under a rain shower so this would be a major reason for me to stay again. 

The hotel's outdoor pool isn't really olympic size but it is always a fun idea to go bask under the sun, watching the skyscrapers next to you.

A buffet breakfast also comes hand in hand with a good hotel experience and considering the star rating of the hotel, I must say that the breakfast has met our expectations pretty well. The Executive Lounge also offered us a bird's eye view of the city while enjoying our course.

Overall, the Malayan Plaza Hotel offered us a pleasant stay and the staff were very quick to respond to our requests.

Getting to know the hotel more closely, I can categorize it as a classy hotel for the business travelers or those who needs a good place to stay nearby. 

Get a 360 degree tour of Malayan Plaza Hotel below: 

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