Minimalistic, Oriental but Modern: Jinjiang Inn Makati

Ever since the Chinese brand Jinjiang Inn has reached the shores of the Philippines, I have always wondered what it has to offer in a highly competitive hospitality industry in the country.

The minimalistic aura and the modest size of its building have given me an initial impression about the kind of brand the hotel wants to show - and that is where my curiosity started.

Staycations are usually a more convenient way of skipping our mundane grind, it is an easy escape from the usual days we have, this led to the outpour of staycation hype as an alternative to travel. Because of that, hotels carry the enormous responsibility to be at least close in delivering the peculiar experience every time we travel. If a hotel is able to exude that, then my thumbs are ready to be up. 

Jinjiang Inn Makati, being one of the two Jinjiang hotels in the country didn't disappoint. A modern hotel with a touch of oriental class, combined with the Filipino genre of hospitality, Jinjiang Inn has indeed arrived at the hospitality scene of the country and it has come to stay.

At first, we may have the impression that it is similar to other mid range chain of hotels that have been gaining popularity among travelers nowadays. However, Jinjiang is proving that it is beyond that perception and that its brand of service is truly one of a kind. 

With such a cozy vibe, one might actually forget that it is a middle range hotel. The service it provides is beyond the star rating it bears. The simple and minimalistic designs are a genius way to blend in the oriental origins of the hotel in a modern fashion, without the risk of overdoing it.

This vibe is perfect for the business travelers who does not need the extravagant theme, but this tamed sophistication is also suitable for those who wants to have some holidays. 

The beds are dressed in high quality mattresses that meet international standards on thread count, a generous space that is well lit, an en suite bathroom that is well furnished, bath robes, room slippers, a mini bar that is as cheap as buying from a local store unlike luxury hotels plus a buffet breakfast on top of those. All these amenities match those of luxury hotels. 

Breakfast is being served at the Choi Garden which is just at the hotel's lobby. Choi has been a personal favorite in terms of Chinese cuisine so knowing that Choi is within my reach makes the entire experience more exciting. 

The hotel stands at a very strategic location in the middle of Arnaiz Avenue in Makati. For a simpler visualization, it is just right across the famous Greenbelt Mall. Imagine the convenience paired in the comfort that the hotel already extends. 

This Chinese brand has definitely found an incomparable spot in the country's demanding industry. The flexibility it offers both for Business and Leisure travelers has given Jinjiang Inn Makati such a unique seat in an avenue where hotels are standing at every corner.

Get a 360 degree tour of the hotel below: 

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 The Wander Dan Notes
      Jinjiang Inn Makati
      920-922 A. Arnaiz Ave., Pasay Road Extension
Call (02) 576 8557

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