Privato Hotel, where style meets comfort

People will always search for good food, so if you line up all the great food shops in one street, it becomes a culinary party and this is what Privato Hotel celebrates. 

Standing right across the famous Kapitolyo in Pasig, Privato Hotel is your convenient, comfortable and chiq hub. The hotel's modern take on an Italian design draws attention from the hip youngster and to the young at heart - practically anyone who just wants to spend some cozy time away from the stress of the metropolis.

The interiors are a mixed feel of sophistication with a minimalistic execution, the right blend of contemporary art that represents their brand of hospitality. Privato Hotel takes the effort to give the balance of style while offering a chance to enjoy a relaxing experience. 

This experience can only be delivered by giving the extra attention to details. The heartfelt welcome note the moment you step inside your room, the soothing light that gives you that spa-like vibe and the option to bring in some daylight from the windows for an energy pump. 


As an Enderun Hospitality Management hotel, Privato Hotel maintains the high standards on their mattress, linens and pillows. The very emblem of a quality staycation experience. While the comforts of having a good hay to hit is indeed non-negotiable, space is almost on the same level and Privato Hotel truly satisfies. The entire hotel might not boast a vast floor area but they were able to work with what they have to present a flowy space and an optically generous span.

Inside the One Bedroom Suite, one can expect a whole floor area dedicated to give comfort in style. Complete with a dining area and a mini kitchen, it truly gives a total feeling of ease.

The one bedroom suite is 56sqm vast, I can host a group dance inside! 


Sky bars are a personal favorite because I am always fascinated with the cityscape while enjoying a booze. The Verona Rooftop Lounge bids me a view of the city while getting my own dose of relaxation - and the view is just breathtaking. 

During the day, dining on this very floor is breezy way to set the day's mood. I must say that Privato Hotel's overall vibe is very refreshing that it uplifts your spirit every time. 

Summer is all year round in the Philippines, so a pocket rooftop pool matches my need for sun and water. A place where kids can turn into their playground and adults can have the peace of mind that the kids are enjoying safely.

Parallel bars also cast the geometric shadows which make the place an eye candy while giving an additional shade from the sun.

Privato Hotel has successfully crafted an experience that balances the need for comfort while incorporating a modern style. This pair is what we usually look for in our staycation cravings, a craving that Privato Hotel indeed fulfilled.

Privato Hotel beyond the service it provides will always have an edge because of its location, the chance to enjoy even outside the hotel is what makes the hotel stand out and will be the reason why we will keep coming back.

The Wander Dan Notes:

Privato Hotel
(632) 318-5888, +639155025569,  +639988669527
706 Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines

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