Mastering the art of Serviced Apartments: Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila

I have only been to a handful of serviced apartments and I have always been intrigued to understand what makes them different beyond what is already apparent. 

Unlike the traditional hotel set up, serviced apartments are faced with the overwhelming task of creating an atmosphere that exudes the aura that of a hotel while bringing in a touch of familiarity, and comfort that of a home. These two are expected to coexist flawlessly but most often than not, it is so difficult to let both exist with equal emphasis. This is what Oakwood Premier has mastered.

Oakwood Premiere at the Joy~Nostalg Center in Ortigas is a perfect definition of elegance, the kind of lifestyle all of us would fancy. But before the graceful stance that is admired today, Oakwood first went through some rough times as its name has previously been associated to the historical Oakwood Mutiny. But it is all behind us now and just like a precious diamond, Oakwood has managed to transition from the immense pressure to regain its alluring name. Moving out from its old location, Oakwood is now standing with such supremacy in Ortigas and is definitely worthy of the Premier title it bears.

The elegance of the Oakwood Premier is evident the moment you enter its lobby. This 5-star serviced apartment has a calm vibe that is the first characteristic one would look for in a residence. As a serviced apartment type of hotel, Oakwood Premiere takes the effort to allow its guests indulge in a hotel while offering privacy and exclusivity exactly like what is found in our own homes.

Space is a right Oakwood Premier can brag about. With over 90 sqm, the one bedroom suite breathes in not just luxury as evident in the interiors, but the luxury of space as well. The color palette in the room induces an unruffled and serene feeling with a modern taste on design with a splash of earth tones, there's a subtle feel of masculinity in the way the room is dressed but it is the kind of masculinity that gives a tranquil ambiance. An ambiance that is versatile enough for the aesthetic taste of both men and women.

The living room and the dining area, adjacent to the kitchen create such a residential feel, standing in this part of the space makes me daydream of having my own replica.

A special touch is the kitchen counter which is uncommon to other serviced apartments but a very good inclusion to the room. Other than the basics of a kitchen, it also has its own dishwasher, an oven and a laundry machine en suite - this is Oakwood Premier telling us what a kitchen should be like.

While the indoor pool is an amenity not to be missed at Oakwood, the stand alone bath tub inside the room is also a feature not to be passed with. But as a cherry on top, the invitation to relax inside the bathroom is even enriched by turning it into your own steam room with just a little play on the buttons.

As a serviced apartment, long staying guests occupy most of the hotel's rooms. At some point in their stay, it is inevitable for them to feel routinary and to some extent, monotonous days. But Oakwood Premier is anything but boring, hence, Oakwood has created such an exciting atmosphere for all guests. Trivia Nights at the Oakroom Lounge Bar have become one of my favorite thing to do. A chance where booze becomes more exciting as a quiz bee is hosted by the staff, and drinks are at stake per round.

The staff also get to interact with guests, while guests get to meet other guests as well. Oakwood becomes more than just a hotel, but a community.

Nostalgia Nights, a themed soiree is also a good time to enjoy good food while listening to good music at the Nostalgia Dining Lounge. Dressed in accordance to the theme, prizes awaits the stars of the night.

When at the Nostalgia Dining Lounge, a must try is their Prawns and their Tilapia.

Other than the fantastic choices in the menu, the Nostalgia Dining Lounge has a very interesting set up where it feels like a blend of both dining and a living room. But this mixture works fantastic that it has now become one of my favorite places to hang out and dine. During the day, this is where the buffet breakfast is hosted. Whether on a dining table or a couch, Nostalgia Dining Lounge always guarantees a wonderful time.

I finally understood what it takes to be a serviced apartment worthy of a 5 star hotel rating. Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg embodies the characteristics of a luxurious hotel; the attention to details, the hospitable staff, the intricate choice of interiors, the top of the line amenities, the lavish choice of design, the amazing offer of food, the overall feeling of comfort. But apart from all of these, Oakwood Premier builds not just great experiences, they create remarkable relationships with its guests. Such sincere camaraderies make checking out so difficult to do.

And that makes all the difference.

The Wander Dan Notes:

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600, Philippines
Tel: (63-2) 637 7888 / (63-2) 910 8888
Fax: (63-2) 706 7777

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