10 Ways To Be Happy with Hotel 101 Manila

Making a list of 101 ways to be happy is no sweat in Hotel 101 Manila. It is one of those places that gets you into such a chill and laid back mood, throw all the woes away and just be carefree. We all need a playground of some sort, one where you can easily get rid of the things that doesn't make you feel merry. That's when Hotel 101 takes the center stage.   

As the name suggests, Hotel 101 has all the basics that you need in a hotel. The no-frills service that they offer draws so much attention because you only pay for what you need so you get to put a ceiling on your cost. Initially, I thought it is just one of the basic hotels; nothing fancy, nothing special. But it was when I entered the lobby that I was immediately proven wrong.

What I thought was just a 'basic' hotel surely didn't feel like one. There's a busy lobby waiting for you the moment you enter the hotel and for good reasons. The hype that Hotel 101 is enjoying is a testament to the kind of service they provide.  Instantly upon check in, graceful, pleasing and warm staff greets you as if they have long expected your arrival. There's a sincere rapport built right at the very start of the staycation, and as they say, first impression lasts. 

The initial impression has sufficed for me to foresee that it is going to be a jovial staycation, but Hotel 101 came prepared to spoil me with 101 more ways to be happy. The list can get longer, but I have a list of 10 to start with. 

1. Ecstatic People

Hotel staff are highly expected to be at their best, even a single hello can make an extra mile and Hotel 101 has trained their staff really well on this part. Hotel 101 Group has a very good reputation of having nothing less than the best people in the industry and the frontline is faithful to that expectation. 

2. Untroubled Wallet 

As a no-frills hotel, Hotel 101 is more than pleased to offer pocket friendly prices in contrast to neighboring hotels. But this is without lowering the level of service, something Hotel 101 can pride itself with. Even the mini bar items which usually costs sky high are so affordable that you can purchase all of what is inside. 

3. Refreshing Vibe

The summer tones inside the "Happy Rooms" as they call it bring out such a lively mood. Large bay windows also allures the sunlight to come in giving you that extra boost of energy. Pockets of greenery make each corner very inviting.

The sheets are prepared freshly and the linens are of the highest quality that you can expect a threadcount at par to international standards. Cleanliness is spot on at Hotel 101, even the toilet is assured spotless. 

The firmness of both the mattress and the pillows (including the extra pillows inside the cabinet) are highly commendable. The pillows doesn't let your head and neck drown into a bag of cotton. It elevates your head quite enough for you to enjoy a deep slumber on a mattress that makes moving from one side to another very comfortable. 

The wooden design on the headboard also gives such a simple and modern look which compliments the aura of the room. The minimalistic design is key to the overall invigorating vibe that is felt inside. 

4. Fantastic Location

The world is just outside the window in Hotel 101. Literally a stone's throw away is the iconic globe stature at the Mall of Asia. The SMX Convention Center, the MOA Arena, the MOA Eye, the Blue Bay Walk and everything you can think of is just within walking distance. 

Travelers are also seeking for hotels that are at a close distance to the airport and with that consideration, Hotel 101 is a perfect choice. One interesting fact is that it is one of the stops of the airport bus loop. 

5. Splendid Ideas

Hotel 101 has only one room type across the entire building. When you stay at one room, it is as if you have been to every room in the hotel, getting rid of the daunting task of choosing a room or being left with the more expensive ones because of full occupancy. This is indeed a smart idea. 

6. Sensible Room Layout

Each room has a double bed and a single bed which makes it perfect for families or for a group of friends. But for solo guests, they can indulge themselves in pure comfort and be spoiled with the luxury of space all to oneself. 

7. Impeccable Comfort

Beyond the basics, Hotel 101 strives to offer the highest standard of service in every room. Not too many hotels are able to give an access to a microwave en suite, bathrobes, a rain shower, room slippers and whatnot. Considering Hotel 101 is a no-frills hotel, it surely isn't just like any other. 

8. Delightful Outdoors

The outdoor pool surrounded in lush greenery with a roof of blue skies make the impression that summer is all year round, because truly, it is summer all year round in the Philippines. Both kids and the kids at heart can enjoy splashing while being captivated by the breathtaking Manila Bay sunset. 

9. Delectable Dishes

What is a good stay without good food? Amico at the ground floor takes the entire spoiling complete with good food without the need to make a step outside the hotel. Amico also serves a good selection of dishes in the buffet breakfast. It is definitely a good time with a good plate full of good food.  

10. The Overall Bliss 

The entire ambiance from the lobby, to the pool up to the rooms is just consistently uplifting. I have been to hotels which may seem elegant but are dull and Hotel 101 is not that at all. I believe every aspect of the hotel fashionably works together to produce such a good atmosphere all through the stay.

Hotel 101 transforms simple moments to be worthy of a celebration and that radiates at every corner of the hotel.  

It is without a doubt that Hotel 101 is a trendsetter in the hospitality industry, it goes beyond the limited expectations one can imagine from a no-frills hotel. It breaks every stereotype that comes along with the word 'basic'. Hotel 101 makes you feel that relaxing and unwinding shouldn't be considered a luxury but a necessity to most of us, so they have given us access to enjoy life's mundanity and inspires us to be happy in their 101 own ways.

The Wander Dan Notes

Hotel 101 Manila
EDSA Extension, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1300, Philippines
Tel. No.: +63(2) 553 1111
Mobile No.: +63(917) 637 1111
Email: manila@hotel101.com.ph

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