When Earth Meets Heaven: The Eartheaven

From time to time, one feels the need to indulge in a moment of pure serenity. A moment to reflect away from the usual busy scenes of our daily lives. But living in a fast paced city, sometimes this need is often forgone because it isn't always easy and convenient to be surrounded by calmness.

A little over an hour from Metro Manila, Eartheaven has given us the easy access to recreation and moments to reflect and be one with nature. As the name suggests, it is heaven on Earth and for so many reasons, it remains faithful to that promise.

Situated in the humble town of San Mateo, Rizal, Eartheaven is a wrapped in lush greenery and serenaded by the sounds of the wind, waters and the birds that fly freely across the open air. It is a paradise to those who seek a tranquil ambiance that comes in as a rare commodity in the city. 

With an outdoor swimming pool, Eartheaven ensures that the tranquility is not synonymous to being uneventful, as a matter of fact, various activities are within reach for the families, friends or teams who would like to build a stronger rapport.

There are trails, gardens, interactive facilities such as stack line, low rope bridges, a trek to the waterfalls, mud crawl, spiderweb, obstacle courses, rappelling and so many other areas to engage some adrenalines. 

Eartheaven offers two packages, a day pass inclusive of lunch, an afternoon snack and access to all amenities and a multi-day pass which allows you to stay at one of the dormitories, huts or tents. A plenary hall is also made available for programs and events.

The vast land area of Eartheaven gives you a pack of activities to do while maintaining the peaceful and rejuvenating vibe. The greenery is also such a mood booster and the fresh air that wraps the entire place is just so refreshing. Eartheaven has successfully managed to turn a recreation center into a resort-like ambiance.

While hotels and resorts have grown tremendously all over the metro, it is a blessing that there is one focused on a more spiritual growth as the source of all relaxation. Eartheaven allows us to be reminded that amidst our busy lives, the ultimate growth is one that comes from within. 

The relaunch of Eartheaven definitely bridges the gap of what society needs, an access to a holistic and spiritual nourishment in the most rejuvenating way possible. 

The Wander Dan Notes:

1 Old Army Rd. Bgy Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
Contact No: 0920 977 7284/ 0920 977 9700
Email: eartheavenreservation@gmail.com

Note: All photos used in this post are provided by Eartheaven Recreation Center.

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