Finding my Comfort Zone in Taipei: Mezi Hotel

The biggest challenge I faced in traveling to Taipei was to find the right hotel. We have spent a lot of days and literally sleepless nights trying to weigh my options, it wasn't until one night before our flight that we finally concluded with a choice we were hoping was the best.

Taipei spoiled us with a variety of options for accommodation, the hospitality scene is tremendously competitive and the costs were mostly reasonable. It then boils down to who has the potential to give such a splendid experience. 

We were hooked with Mezi Hotel the first time we saw it but as the days pass by, we would then continue to search for some more hotels and see if we were missing out on something. But we would always end up putting Mezi Hotel on top of our choice, a choice we wanted to give ourselves a pat on the back.

Before stepping foot at the lobby, we were earlier overwhelmed with the rather edgy theme that Mezi Hotel portrayed. We weren't sure how The Alice in Wonderland concept would fit in to a relaxing and calm vibe we were searching for. But even with the tiny bit of apprehension, we had a good gut feeling about this hotel so we went on and booked ourselves three nights. 

The entire hotel is filled with an exhilarating aroma that made me repeatedly express how much I love the scent. 

We were very fortunate to have the chance to stay in Mezi's VIP suite, a suite that I felt an affinity with - one trait I will always look for in a hotel. Mezi Hotel defined to us the meaning of a "boutique hotel'. I have always been fascinated and wondered how a boutique hotel is qualified and Mezi gave me a spot-on realization: It's all about the character.

With a lavishing carpeted floor area resembling the heart shaped print - a graphic that is driven by the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, a technologically advanced room amenities (the bidet and room temperature switch were state of the art) and a room layout that brought to life my ideal room would be, Mezi Hotel gave us nothing less than a four star look and feel. 

The lines and the mattress were very indulging that it is a struggle to get up in the morning. You could feel how smooth the texture of the linens as they do not create friction towards your skin. The wide screen television also added up to the comforts that the room already had plenty of. Not to mention, the gray palette on the walls added an elegant and soothing touch to the entire room.

The toilet area was partitioned by a curtain wall which is a clever idea to maximize space and emboss the flowy feeling inside the room. 

The cherry on top of the suite would be the Bath Spa, a bath tub that can accommodate upto two persons at the same time. It was the largest tub I have ever been to that I felt it was so close to becoming a swimming pool. That was a brilliant amenity and I was beyond excited to dip in after long days out in the streets of Taipei.

The room was also furnished with an abundant set of toiletries that makes pampering yourself very convenient. 


In the VIP Suite, a spacious balcony was ours to enjoy but other rooms in Mezi Hotel has a picturesque view to offer as well. The Garden Room delights anyone who enters it with a stunning view of Chang Kai Shek Memorial and the greenery that surrounds The National Musuem, which is a testament of how strategic the location of the hotel is. A two minute walk would bring you to NTU Hospital MRT station while a ten minute stroll directs you to Taipei Main Station. 

But Mezi Hotel isn't only a conveniently located hotel, it is a fantastic bar, restaurant and lounge that I would definitely spend a lot of time at. The Mezi Lounge sits right next to the concierge and offers guests with hearty breakfast, a good booze or a gastronomically exciting menu of food. 

Breakfasts would always count-in some greens, soup, fruits, eggs and proteins. But for lunch and dinner, Mezi Lounge discretely transforms into a restaurant whose menu got me lost for words. Great food and great company filled up my few hours lunch right next to a vibrant street - another feat that I certainly admired. 

On a fine noon, we were acquainted with Mezi Lounge's food cherry picked from their menu. 

As a started, a thick but smooth pumpkin pie helped us prepare our appetite, followed by cherry tomatoes, cheese and balsamic vinegar piled together on top of slices of french bread. The flavorful thinnest pizza I have ever met can also be found in Mezi Lounge. For mains, a generous serving of seafood marinara and truffle pasta filled us up almost so quickly until we finished with their carefully crafted coffees. 

More than the stylish and elegant interiors, the good food and great selection in the bar, the amazing amenities and highly commendable comfort, it is the staff and people of Mezi Hotel that completes a "wonderland" experience.

My final verdict is two thumbs up for Mezi Hotel for exuding a stylish, modern and elegant vibe while maintaining the calm and relaxing mood. A contemporary comfort zone right in the heart of Taipei. Truly highly recommended!

The WanderDan Notes:

Mezi Hotel
Address100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, 襄陽路4號 

Take Exit 4 from NTU Hospital Red line MRT station or Exit M6 from Taipei Main Station

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