Dan Punzalan
Travel Blogger | Hotel Reviewer | Wanderer

My fascination for adventures started when I took my first trip out of the country at 17 years old. The world was a strange place to me back then, hearing people speak a language I wasn't familiar, dressed in a clothing I wasn't comfortable and eating food I could barely imagine. Albeit the strangest things happen when you are away from your comfort zone, it is also where the best education is taught. 

I believe traveling is a necessity for a holistic self-discovery. The more you travel, the more you understand others and ultimately, yourself.

When I was born, I have made myself believe that pieces of me were scattered around the world and I am tasked to collect those pieces so I can be whole. In the process of self-discovery, I have met hundreds of people, learned dozens of new cultures and ate countless new food - each of those helped me to understand what and who I am, the things I like and what I don't, what sets me different and what makes me blend in. And in a larger perspective, what this world is really made of - kindness, above all. 

In my journey towards understanding this vast world we try to have a place in, I have also come to realise that the only language we are all brought in unity is the language of hospitality.

This blog is my personal storyboard about the encounters and the peculiar things I've gone through as I crawl the world and those that I consider next best to home. I barely write about itineraries because I am a believer that one can explore the world through the beat of the heart. When you travel with the purest intentions, you don't need a guide. It is your inner wanderlust that brings you from where you are and where you need to be.

Written on these stories are ideas you can harvest so you can plant in your own storyboard.

Come and join my wanders. Cheers!