Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival with My Biyahe Buddy!

A cold morning marks the start of a great adventure heading to Clark, Pampanga, the home of the annual Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fest. But the adventure is not just always only about the destination, it is the journey. 

The Legend Villas

The Filipino hospitality is one that could never be outshined by any other brand of service. While the hospitality industry in the Philippines has been on an increasing competition, with hotel names boosting their individuality and unique niches from each other, there is one that remains faithful to the values and core of our being truly Filipino.

As a pure Filipino brand, The Legend Villas create an identity without the need to flash a fancy facade inspired by a foreign concept. Rather, it has grown to be a well-bloomed hotel based solely on the attributes of the Filipino hospitality and what makes it a leader in the field.

Humbly sitting in the middle of the busy Metro Manila scene, The Legend Villa is literally at the heart of the city, with an easy access to wherever the action will take you. As a prelude, it is interesting to find a home in the middle of a hectic environment, all the more when this home shares familiarity to what is seen and felt in your very own.

From Manila to La Union: Feeling like a Kahuna (Part 2)

With a happy tummy from the Part 1 of the Manila to La Union experience, we soon headed north. Just because I was surrounded with great friends, I was far from finding my way to sleep. We took the night bus from Cubao at 12 midnight to get rid of the usual traffic during daylight. After a little while I started to yawn and found myself occupying the entire row with an unflattering position, little did I know that the bus slowly got filled up but nobody dared to wake me up to take the extra seat I monopolized, probably because I was at awkward position. Looks like I got myself a trick the next time I go commuting. 

From Manila to La Union: Feeling like a Kahuna (Part 1)

La Union has been a common tale among my friends who wanted to get a dose of beach chill. I didn't fancy it too much being predominantly laid with gray sand. In the past, surfing wasn't my thing too so it didn't give me the allure I would normally get once I hear the word beach. 

Albeit unenthusiastic about it, the thought of exploring La Union didn't entirely slip through my wander list, plus the idea of packing my bags along with a couple more friends in the blogging world was too good to pass on.

Kahuna Resort was the main destination in La Union, but little did I know that they have also dominated the Makati food scene. Standing in the middle of Jupiter Street, Kahuna Makati Bistro had us spoiled just before leaving the city. 

I was getting famished after traversing the busy city from north to south. Facing the rush hour is always a daunting task for me so I couldn't think of a better time to drop by Kahuna Bistro than that moment. However, my intended "drop by" got me sitting there for more than three hours after endless spoiling like a true Kahuna.  

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word for an important person. Chef Ian prepared dish after dish and drink after drink, because of that it was impossible not to let go of my intended diet before hitting the beach at La Union. Everytime I go on a trip, I always have my own version of a prelude, an activity that would start my hype before I jump in on the adventure and the dinner at Kahuna Bistro was a perfect match to my jigsaw. 

TravelBook Affiliate Program at Caramoan

I must say, Caramoan was an unexpected delight. From a 12-hour ride from Manila with an erratic pavement and curves, it was a weary journey down south and all I ever wished for was that Caramoan will be worth the back pain. 

Leaving Manila was an exciting jump start but my energy slowly declined as soon as the sun beamed. I was all famished and tired upon reaching Caramoan but with a hearty breakfast at Al Del Rio Villa, I slowly regained back my energy. A few meters away, we then reached the port where our boat  for the day docked. I didn't realize that was already the start of tables to turn - after all, it is a Survivor destination. 

Traveling with the Family: a good way to connect and travel tips

Seat sale alerts have dominated our watch list, our paydays have become synonymous to the day we can book ourselves a new adventure, everyone crams in the group chat when its holiday and the gang is thrilled to travel together yet again. In a time when travel has evolved to be as cheap as a pair of jeans, we’ve often considered traveling every now and then. As they say, work hard, travel harder. 

But most often than not, our initial thought is to travel with our barkada, the besties who have enough patience to take your photos, officemates who are usually very easy to drag along with or lovers who just cant say no to you. Traveling with them is always so exciting. On the other hand, traveling with our family doesn’t always pop on top of our minds.

City Garden Grand Hotel

Sitting in the busy Makati, in a melting pot of pubs and a variety of entertainment. City Garden Grand Hotel has made its footprint amidst the high hotel competition in the area. 

With an array of sky reaching buildings and hotels in the neighborhood, one might easily overlook how highbeaming City Garden Grand Hotel is, the hotel has been easily wrapped in such a hyperactive surrounding that it makes you ask, what do they have to offer?

How to Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program

I was 11 when I discovered my fascination about writing, but it wasn't until I reached 17, the twilight of my teenage years and the momentum of my discovery that I realized my passion for travel. 

I've come across different places in the country growing up but my turning point was when I boarded my first Boeing 747 flight to Narita, with a travel clearance for minors on my hand. As a kid in a huge airport and in an overwhelming travel process, I felt a bit of fear but so much of an excitement. That's when I first felt what others call as "wanderlust". The incomparable jitters in anticipation of whats coming in next. That was when I knew what I wanted to be good at in life - the art of traveling.

Buri Resort & Spa

The shores of Puerto Galera with its alluring white sand and its pristine blue waters never fail those who wants to have a quick sunny escape from Manila.  Puerto Galera has always been considered a mini Boracay where parties fill up the paradise.

Known for being loud and festive, Galera gave me an impression that this was more of a barkada destination and that its hospitality wasn’t very flexible to other types of travelers. I somewhat held to this notion having stayed at the White Beach a couple of times.

What I didn’t know is that Puerto Galera has something else beyond its infamous identity. Just 15 minutes away from White Beach is Muele. After docking at the port of Muele, it was a swift 10 minute boat ride to a secret paradise, one where it is quiet, calm and evidently more luxurious than White Beach.

Lido Cocina Tsina Mindanao Avenue

Lido Cocina Tsina seems to have dominated Manila's Chinese dining scene! Now with their 16th branch at the Mindanao Ave., Lido Cocina Tsina is now serving its specialty Pugon Roasted Asado and Manchurian Chicken to northern Manilenos. 

The newest Lido Cocina Tsina branch is a testament of how Filipinos have close ties with Chinese culinary influences and the Chinese tradition. After all, being a city with a substantial Chinese-Filipino population, there's so much demand for authentic Chinese food.